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November 2012

I do a lot of tweeting on Twitter about interesting and important resources that I find on the Internet. Occasionally something stands out and seems to need a little more attention and permanence than just a tweet. This is one of those times.

Even though I've already retweeted the original source tweet, tweeted my own tweet, and pinned the graphic to my own board on Pinterest I still felt that this infographic needed a more permanent home in my blog. Here's a quote from the article on Copyblogger about the importance of content marketing and branding:

Today’s web is an endless 24/7 cycle fed by content and social actions. In this cycle, brands are realizing that content is currency … ~ Bryan Rhoads, global content strategy, Intel

Included below is the infographic from the above web page which was the main inspiration for me. (Thanks to Copyblogger for making it possible to embed a graphic like this.) I've always felt and believed that good content is at the heart of any valuable web property. It's what keeps people's attention and what makes a web site or destination part of their life. For content creators this infographic is a great distillation of the types of content out there and potential areas to expand into for content creation.

Why Content Marketing is the New Branding - Infographic

Click here for the full-sized infographic.

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